Got debtor problems? Treat your business to the best Christmas present ever!


Are you like most small business and spend a huge amount of time chasing bad payers, when could be either getting new business, or out fishing!  It’s a frustrating and time-consuming job.

The good news is that whilst you didn’t go into business to chase debtors the guys at FeeSmart did! They are there to help your business get paid faster by providing a range of services that can help you improve your debtor management and unlock cash flow; from training or up-skilling your current resources; providing monthly payment options for your clients; through to outsourcing your accounts receivable functions.

Here at M&H we’ve had first hand experience of FeeSmart. We found them highly professional to deal with, and effective. They helped cut our debtor days in half, massively improving our cashflow! They’re highly cost effective too with a cost to fit most businesses. That’s why we’re chatting about them here and have no hesitation in recommending their services.

Time to act, Christmas is coming..

FeeSmart just reminded us that Christmas is fast approaching, less than 65 days and counting, and that time is running out to get money out of the slow payers who frequently pull the shutters down come mid-December and ignore your pleas to get paid! Often that’s because they have spent all their cash gearing up for their own Christmas bonanza, which is little comfort for you. 

The key is to act NOW.

So if you do one thing to help your business’ Christmas cash flow – set up an online payment page with FeeSmart !

If you are unsure how FeeSmart can assist your business you can find more information here on their website.  Or feel free to contact Darren here at M&H or speak with FeeSmart directly.

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