Got debtor problems? Treat your business to the best Christmas present ever!

Are you like most small business and spend a huge amount of time chasing bad payers, when could be either getting new business, or out fishing!  It’s a frustrating and time-consuming job. The good news is that whilst you didn’t go into business to chase debtors the guys at FeeSmart did! They are there to … More Got debtor problems? Treat your business to the best Christmas present ever!

“You get what you pay for” Warren Buffett

The very wise and successful Warren Buffett said “You get what you pay for”.  The current surge of Cut Price Property Accountants and Small Business Accountants certainly seems to be a good example of this. AT M&H we’re currently seeing a surge in these cut price “accounting services” and whilst we welcome the competition, we … More “You get what you pay for” Warren Buffett

Innovate or be eaten!

The accelerating pace of technology means small businesses must learn to adapt faster or risk falling behind. To do that, entrepreneurs need to look at how new platforms fit into their operations. That’s the key takeaway from Xero Chief Marketing and Revenue Officer, Andy Lark’s Xerocon keynote. Speaking to more than 2,200 delegates, Lark explained … More Innovate or be eaten!

Creating a Sustainable Company Culture

Businesses performing well in the current climate recognise the opportunities that lie within the office walls… your key staff! Developing a healthy business culture will prove a valuable investment, helping you to retain, motivate, and propel key team members and your business.  It all starts with strong values and capable leadership. Fear is a massive … More Creating a Sustainable Company Culture